Kenya in the Hands of Men and Nature

The Republic of Kenya is a country that lies on the east side of Africa. Its lands are bordered by neighboring countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. The country spreads across 581,309 km2 of land with a population of over 48 million (as of 2017). Kenya is known to be prone to natural disasters such as flooding. Flooding can also be caused by deforestation which is triggered by the overutilization of its forests. These events can lead to a chain of bigger environmental issues such as pollution, degradation of water quality and accessibility, and a threatened wildlife - all of which contributes to global warming.Being a tropical country with seasons that are limited to two (rainy and dry), Kenya is a major victim of climate change and extreme weather events. Due to the country’s incapability to properly fund the prevention and preparation against these nature and man-induced phenomenon, Kenya suffers and wallows in poverty in many aspects.
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